Our Favorite Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

Check out Our Favorite Greenhouse Shelving Ideas! Are you in the process of re-organizing and re-decorating your greenhouse? It sounds like you could use greenhouse shelving ideas. These units can help you transform what probably looks like a messy greenhouse into a completely different one—the reason why we’ll be telling you all about other greenhouse shelving ideas.

You can create a system that meets all your storage needs with the proper storage units. Shelves are convenient and a great way to hold everything in place for a tidy look.

Whether you organize seeds, tools, or pots, ensuring quality is also crucial. And with so many options, it can be a bit stressful to pick the right choice. So we are here to help and point you in the right direction by showing you some of our favorite greenhouse shelving ideas and more valuable tips; so you can make the best use of your greenhouse space.

Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

3-Tier Greenhouse Plant Growing Rack

A Zenport three-tier plant growing shelving station helps to maximize the growing space inside your greenhouse.

The shelving station with three removable, durable shelves that hold potted plants and seed trays is perfect for growing plants inside a greenhouse or sun porch.

The greenhouse shelving system is constructed of sturdy green paint finish tubular steel and shelving with a green polyresin powder coat finish.


  • Powder Coated
  • Alloy Steel, Resin
  • Durable shelves

Portable Indoor Outdoor Mini Greenhouse

A large yet versatile 40in growing space traps humidity while circulating air-perfect for patios, balconies, and more.

Four zippers allow you to open the top or bottom of the cover while a set of touch fasteners keep the access open during your major gardening projects.

A PE cover keeps your plants safe from the elements while maintaining a constant humidity that’s ideal for growing and germinating seedlings.


  • Modular shelving
  • Durable design
  • Extra-wide design

Heavy Duty Greenhouse Shelf

Four Palram heavy-duty aluminum shelves are designed to fit all Palram Mythos, Hybrid, Essence, Snap & Grow, Glory, Americana, and Chalet greenhouses.

Each shelf measures 23″ x 16½” and can hold up to 90 lbs of plants, watering cans, soils, and other greenhouse necessities.

The heavy-duty steel support brackets attach securely to Palram frame profiles and easily reposition wherever space is needed.


  • Aluminum
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Heavy duty

Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

FOYUEE metal elevated raised garden bed made of galvanized steel with anti-rust coating, drainage hole and line in the bottom to prevent waterlogging, ergonomic height to eliminate bend over, handle and wheel design, easy move to anywhere, with handy shelf holds accessories.

Ergonomic height for gardening without bend over, space-saving design, perfect for small outdoor spaces.

Handle and wheel design, move to anywhere convenience, with handy shelf holds accessories. Made of galvanized steel, bringing color to your patio, yards, and garden, drainage holes and drainage lines prevent your plant from waterlogging.


  • Galvanized steel, Metal
  • Floor Standing
  • Rectangular

Tiered Plant Stand Outdoor

A tiered plant stands for multiple plants, can put 6~9 different flower pots in, not only a flower rack but also a bookshelf, display stand, shelf, decorative stand, etc.

Durable metal with rustproof finish, plant stand indoor use: entryway, living room, bathroom, kitchen; plant stand outdoor use: garden, patio, deck.

Metal plant stand with scrollwork design, sturdy enough for medium-heavy plants, can hold approximately 50 lbs potted plant.


  • Metal
  • Tiered Shelf

Greenhouse Shelving Staging Double 4 Tier

These EAGLE PEAK greenhouse shelves are made of quality powder-coated steel tube and wire mesh, strong enough to hold your various potted plants, seed trays, and gardening tools. The bonus rack buckles add extra stability to the steel mesh.

This double four tiers outdoor shelving provides space for you to organize your plants. It is also convenient for centralized fertilization and watering. You will never have to move the potted plants inconveniently. Each rack can support up to 22 lbs.

This 4-shelf staging unit is used as greenhouse staging and can be used as a bookshelf, display stand, kitchen shelf, or garage storage. It is perfect for outdoor and indoor use, also a nice gift for your gardener friends.


  • Versatile use
  • Space-saving design
  • Quality construction

Palram Greenhouse Shelf

This durable, lightweight shelf kit attaches quickly to the inside frame of the Palram greenhouse.

It can easily be repositioned for your changing needs. Each kit Includes four galvanized bracket supports and two overlapping plastic shelf trays. Fits snap and grow, mythos, grow and store, and essence greenhouses.


  • Polypropylene shelves
  • Steel mounting brackets

Common Questions Greenhouse Shelving

What is the best option to place your flowerpots?

When looking for Greenhouse Shelving Ideas for your beautiful flowers in your greenhouse, aluminum shelves are ideal for placing your pots on. Keeping the flowerpots on the ground takes a lot of space, so using this kind of shelves will help you get rid of this problem. Moreover, flowers get significantly more sunlight when they are placed at a higher level.

What aspects should you think about when buying a shelf kit for your greenhouse?

  • The great thing about shelve kits is that they’re straightforward to install.
  • Make sure you go for a durable, heavy-duty, and lightweight option.
  • If your needs are continuously changing, opt for a kit that is easy to reposition.
  • When it comes to installing, all you need to do is some measurements. After that, quickly attach each shelf to the greenhouse’s inside frame.

Why are potting shelves important?

If you want to have everything neat, you definitely need a dedicated area for potting. Therefore, potting shelves or benches are essential to any greenhouse.

Choose a heavy-duty, easy-to-assemble one with smooth surfaces that make cleaning a breeze. Put your shelf or bench in the designed potting area and enjoy an organized space for potting, preparing your seed flats, and transplanting.

What are some of the benefits of staging shelves?

These items are specially designed to give your plants and flowers all the space they need to grow while keeping everything tidy. You’ll have a reliable, long-lasting storage solution with one of these in your greenhouse.

What are seed trays for?

Seed trays will help you to grow your plants on the shelves quickly. Just place them and arrange everything according to your needs. These products will maximize your harvest and help you keep your space very well organized.

How deep should a greenhouse shelf be?

Decide the size of shelf you will need for your greenhouse. You can build the frame as long as you want, but make sure it is only 2 1/2 to 3 feet deep to ensure that you can reach all the way to the back.

How do you maximize space in a small greenhouse?

Hooks, hanging pots, and other greenhouse accessories maximize the space in a small greenhouse. Vertical gardening helps to utilize small spaces to their maximum. Use hooks, spirals, top shelves, or hanging pots from the roof or sidewalls.

Additional Tips on Greenhouse Shelving Ideas

  • Before purchasing shelves and benches for your greenhouse, you will need to take some measurements and do some careful planning.
  • Use the spaces under your workbenches to store the tools you use most frequently, together with minor soil and fertilizer quantities and some pots.
  • Look for shelves and benches that are well made and are built to last.
  • Find shelving and benches that are easy to clean and have holes for drainage and air circulation.
  • If you have a greenhouse with a transparent covering, be aware that you will have to consider shadows when you use shelving and want to have plants on the lower shelves.


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